Tuesday, May 1, 2012


IN the last 5 Blog Posts about " The Truth About Alterations", we would like to summarize these facts including how your Bridal Gown should fit once all alterations are completed:

1.  Once the bust line is taken in, it should shape your bust line to it's natural shape. It should not be tight.  Extra bra cups may be added inside the lining of the bra built in for extra shape and uplift.  The built-in corset should be comfortable not tight! You want to be able to breath not faint..

There should be no "back-flab"!!!! If there is, the gown is too tight.

2.  The waistline should be at it's natural length.  Again, you should be able to zip up the dress easily. If you can't..it's too tight!  Lace back corset dresses are a plus for"curvy" figures.  No zipper worries, but again, the dress needs to fit properly!

3. Hips- you should be able to sit in a chair comfortably.  If you can't the dress is too tight!   Be aware "trumpet" styles are often taken in more than they should be without consideration of the fabric of the dress. Laces and tulle overlay fabrics may rip if too tight. Satins may leave seam wholes.

4. The length-  did you get measured for the proper length wearing the proper  shoe length  you plan to wear on your wedding day?  Once this measurement is taken, you have to stay with that shoe length or the dress will be longer than you want it to be and your heels will get caught in the dress.  An experienced Consultant in Alterations will know how to take your proper measurements for your dress.

5.  Bear in mind, Alterations are extra in 99.9%  Bridal salons and Bridal Boutiques, and David's Bridal and never negotiated.  This shouldn't be a surprise , and alterations are never free!  If they are advertised as "FREE" beware because they are often incorporated into the cost of the dress..you are going to pay no matter what..no one works for free!

6. Allow time to order your dress!  It can take up to 6-9 months. Start looking or you will end up buying off the rack.  Bridal salons/stores can only do so much to get your "dream dress" in time for your wedding. It's not their fault if you wait to the last minute to order.

7.  Stay AWAY  from ONLINE retailers...!  There is NO WAY on earth you will get a $2400 dress from a website stating a major bridal lines name for $350 or less.  Shop local..there is a huge difference in every aspect.

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