Sunday, May 27, 2012


Bridesmaids are SPECIAL WEEK- Part 1

Nothing is more special than having Bridesmaids included as part of your wedding court.  Whether you have one or 20, it is important that you do sit down and have  mature discussion of what you have in mind several months in advance of your wedding day.

Brides usually choose their Bridesmaids as soon as they become engaged.  Part of the group is usually your sister, members of your family, including members of the groom's family, your most intimate childhood friends you have already establish a"lifelong"bond. You will need to consider these important factors when you do establish your budget for Bridesmaid's dresses:

1.  Who is going to pay for the dresses?  Are you planning to pay for them or the chosen Bridesmaid?  Some Brides do purchase the Bridesmaids dresses for their Bridal Group as "Thank you" gift.

2. Who is going to be your Maid/Matron of Honor? Are you having any children in the wedding as flower girls,junior Bridesmaids?

3.  Have you established your color theme,and where you plan to buy the dresses?

4.  Do you want your Bridesmaids to wear the sames style and color?

Be sure you discuss your plans with your girls before you book your appointment, and they understand clearly what you have in mind.  You are the Bride and you are the one to make the last call on what you want the girls to wear.  Be courteous to respect everyone's budget.

www.collezionefortuna.comAt Collezione Fortuna Fashion Boutique, our Bridesmaids Collection consists of Allure Bridesmaids, and Bill Levcoff.   Size ranges are from 2 to 32! The Color palette is over 57 colors with fabrics from silky satins, chiffons,and the workmanship is the best you can find.  Also..these dresses do NOT look like Bridesmaid's dresses and can be worn again!  Isn't that fabulous?  Also, bear in mind, please allow 14-16 weeks for Bridesmaids dresses to ahead to book your appointment and place your order! A deposit will be required to be paid at that time, which is normal.

Have any questions and want to book an appointment with us?  Call us today (831)626-1287...let the Bridemaids shopping begin!

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