Friday, May 18, 2012


In the last few weeks, we have covered what it takes in completing the proper alterations, and your fittings in your wedding dress.

To summarize, and as a Professional   in this Industry with over 40 years experience in Couture Design, Alterations, we still stand by the following facts:

1.  Alterations are NEVER free..if someone wants to work for nothing..that is up to them!  The quality of their work ..questionable!  Why? Many , and I say many young brides today lack the skills, and do not recognize the quality of expert alterations performed by a Professional in  Bridal Alterations, and the difference from someone who sews as a "HOBBY!"  There is a HUGE difference!  Anyone can make a veil, sew a comb on it and put flowers..and give it away for free.   Do you want to wear this on your head on a wedding dress dress that you have spent $1,000 plus dollars???  I don't think so!  I would rather have a florist make a corsage to wear in my hair! Veils can cost up to $250.00 or more, especially the you think this is going to be given away for free with every dress a salon sells???? I don't think so..unless it's a very large purchase and the entire Bridal Group makes their purchase at that salon. You cannot give away the store.

2. The Price of wedding gowns..all of them are set by the designers.  If the Bridal salon wants to mark up the gown to cover their alterations's up to the Bridal each his own.

3.  Unless you are a large Bridal Salon, you will have at least 2 highly qualified  Seamstresses working for you in your shop and on your payroll.  There is no way possible you can operate your store by yourself and perform alterations in a professional way and consult with Brides who book appointments with you. If you can do this..well, you are not busy enough!

4. The trend right now we are seeing is "last minute" buying off the rack.  This means you have waited too long and it's too late to order your dress in your size. Alterations will be a don't assume they are included in the cost of the dress.

5.  If you don't believe what I am telling you..pick up the phone and make several calls to Bridal Salons all over, including Davids Bridal.   I bet the majority of 99% charges for all Alterations!!!!!!  Some even charge for color swatches! Some Bridal Salons in Metropolitan areas limit appointment times, and do charge for appointments!!! This is now starting to become an Industry Standard of the future highlighting the true Professionalism of this industry. Be prepared to accept some changes!

6. Your final alterations of your dress is done about 3 weeks before your wedding.  The gown is basted and final adjustments are made to the dress.

7.  There are companies that their specialty is "Customizing" your dress..if you want a longer train, sleeves added long or short, ect, beading added, change of fabrics, they will do this for you , of course, these will take extra time,and extra costs.   I can't stress enough it can take up to 20-24 weeks to order your dress with custom changes.

If you have any questions, please let us know at the time of your consultation .  Collezione Fortuna Fashion Boutique never charges for an appointment and we never make promises we cannot deliver.  Give us a call for your appointment (831)626-1287, website,

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