Thursday, May 31, 2012


You have selected your wedding dress-finally! What a relief  to get this part of of your wedding plans completed.   The bridal party has been selected, which is your Bridesmaids!

Although there is no set rule on how many you have chosen to be part of the group, my recommendation is to select wisely.  Once  your choice is made and the girls have been asked to participate there is no change of heart! SO, dear Bride you must be in control!  There is always going to be someone in your Bridal party that is going to disagree with your choices of dresses, colours, you name put the cards on the table before you book your appointment with the Bridal Salon for the dresses!  

These are my  suggestions and what to expect from your Bridesmaids appointment:

1.  Bride-go thru some Bridal Magazines like "The Knot" and get some ideas on current styles.  Establish your colour theme and most  important your budget for the dresses.  Bridesmaids dresses depending on the fabrics can range anywhere from $150.-$300..maybe more!  So don't drive yourself crazy driving all over town trying to save $10.00-$20.00. Consider your time, gas, and other factors wasted..IT'S JUST NOT WORTH IT!   

2.  Stay away from On-Line websites who offer you "too-good to be true prices" for the same dress!  You cannot expect to get the same dress at an On-Line(especially overseas)website offering the same dress for $99.00 when an Authorized Retailer for that dress is selling it at the proper price! There is a huge difference, and we have dresses in the backroom of our Bridal salon to prove it!  The fabrics from these On-Line retailers are not the same, and the workmanship is horrible.  Save your money and tears...The prices are always set by the Designers!

3. Establish who is going to pay for the dresses in your family picking up the tab..or will your girls in your Bridal party??  Discuss this ahead of time.  If the reason is "they can't afford it" don't take it personal.  Times are bad right now for many during this economic downturn.

4. Set a meeting with your Bridal party to discuss your you want the girls to wear the same dress in the same color, different styles same fabric and color, ect.  Do this before your appointment!

5. Set up your Bridal Appointment.  Make it at at  time  all your girls can attend..and be prepared to buy.  It's rude to waste 2 hours of a consultants time unless you are ready to move forward and order your dresses.  Expect to pay for the dresses in full at the time of your receive the dresses in time please allow 12 weeks for delivery.  Waiting too long=no dresses!

6.  Have your Bridesmaids bring a pair of shoes with them in the height you plan to wear with the dresses, including any personal undergarments.

7. Be in charge! You may want to appoint one person you can trust to help make a positive buying decision.  Remember, it's your wedding....your color choices and dress selection is yours!  As stated earlier, there is going to be someone who will downright refuse to wear the dress chosen..and disagree with everything.  Majority rules here...this is when you have to "take" the girl aside and politely discuss your wishes with her. If she downright refuses to compromise make it "her choice" to back out of the wedding.  If she is sincerely wanting to be in your wedding, she will compromise for one day.  Find out her reasons and try to work with her if all possible. Example-  She may like the color of the dress but doesn't feel comfortable in a strapless dress.

8. Once you have selected your dresses and deposits made, you will be measured by the consultant.

9.  Bestselling dresses will be around for years!   Yardage can be ordered at extra .  Do this at the same time you order your Bridemaids dresses to assure proper dye lot.  The dye lot colour sample may vary slightly from the exact colour of the dress and this is not unusual at all.

Once you have completed the task of taking care of your Bridesmaids can move onto the next step!

For more information and to schedule your appointment for your Bridesmaids, give us a call today (831)626-1287,

Happy Shopping!

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