Tuesday, May 29, 2012


One of your Bridesmaids  is pregnant....what are you to for a dress?  

Pregnancies happen every day!   Whether or not your bridesmaid plans to share her personal information with you..well...is something you can't control..many pregnancies are"surprises"...or just planned.  It's personal...

Lets move on to what she can wear!  Most companies take up to 12 weeks to order a Bridesmaids dress.  You will have to tell your Vendor one of your Bridesmaids is pregnant at the time you place her order,and give her delivery date of the baby,and the approximate time of the stage of her pregnancy at the time of her wedding.

Sizing pregnant Bridesmaid or a Bride can be difficult! Alterations are always going to be part of the picture.  IF she is slim, and has had other pregnancies, this may determine how much weight she has gained in the past.  The normal weight gain is 20-30 pounds with jumps in weight gain in the 3rd., 6th. and the last 8 weeks of pregnancy.  If she is planning a pregnancy prior to your wedding and shares this information with you, most likely she will be pregnant by the time your dresses arrive!  If this is the case, she would be 5 months pregnant(12 week delivery of the dress approximately).  In this case,  I would NOT order her normal dress size in the Bridesmaids dress you select, but you can either go with a loose fitting "empire" dress, ordering it 4 sizes larger(to be safe) and have it altered to fit.  MY honest recommendation is to with a Maternity Bridesmaids dress! There are many flattering styles, and color selections available,and this take away the guessing game of what size to choose because they are made to fit properly.

Here are my recommendations for your Bridesmaids who are pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy(under 3 months):
Any pregnancy beyond the first trimester will be obvious in most women, especially after giving birth to one or 2 children.  This is just a "fact" of life.  I would recommend staying away from form fitting styles as they are uncomfortable to wear even in the early stages of pregnancy. 

If the pregnancy is beyond 3 months, I would just order a Maternity Bridesmaids  dress for her.  This can be worn also should she have given birth a few weeks prior to her wedding if necessary. These styles are flattering:

The above is just an example what we have available for your Bridesmaids should a pregnancy occur.  With different styles,and colors available we can accommodate anyone!  She would still need to be measured at the time of your order to determine the correct size.

For more information  and to make your appointment , call us (831)626-1287, www.collezionefortuna.com.

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