Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Today, there is the Internet selling Bridals, however, nothing surpasses the local "Brick and Mortar" Bridal Salon in your local city to purchase your Princess Bridal Gown and your Bridal Accessories to complete your special  individual look as you are!   This also includes your Bridesmaids dresses, Mother's of the Occasion, and much more!  They offer the best customer service, and their consultants are either designers themselves, Couture seamstresses, or have and still operate family owned Retail Businesses with over 40 years experience.   All I can say..they KNOW what they are doing and take pride and passion in their work.

Networking with others across the United States who own Bridal Salons which are all privately owned in the most part, we appear to follow the same guidelines when it comes to our scheduling of Bridal appointments!  Some Salons may vary, but most adhere to the following  policies:

1.  Call the salon to book your appointment.  If they allow email, please respond to confirm no later than 24 hours.  You may lose your time to another Bride if not!

2. Appointments are for 1 hour-5 dresses to try on.  If you are late, the time you are late is deducted from this time, which reduces the time at your appointment. No photos are allowed. You are welcome to take pictures of the dress you have already purchased. If you go over your time limit, there is a $50.00 charge to extend to another hour, which is non-refundable, however most will apply this fee to your Bridal Gown if it's purchased on that day only. 

3. Private appointments there is usually a Booking fee to hold the appointment. Each salon determines their own fee.  This is non-refundable and payment is taken in advance.  These appointments are usually 2 hours, and your Booking fee is applied to your purchase of your Bridal gown on that day only.  The salons will usually allow unlimited access to trying on of dresses at these appointments, some may close the store, and you have full attention of their consultants.  Don't be late!  The time you are late is deducted from the time booked....!

4.  Bring 2 decision makers who are "POSITIVE" in helping you with buying choices that day..95%  of the brides walk out my door with a dress at the end of their appointments!!!!  Also, bring undergarments, and shoes in the heel length you plan to wear with the dress.  Although we  adore them,  please leave small children with a sitter and pets at home during that time.

5.  With endless styles and designers, not even the largest Bridal Salon  carries every style and size in stock!!  Be prepared to see "different" in every salon as each has their own "Niche" .  COMPROMISE!

6. Bring a picture of a gown you have in mind or mention what styles you do not like when booking your appointment.  Always be open to the Consultant's ideas and be willing to try on gowns of different styles.  Many Brides walk out with something totally different and often with the first dress they try on! 

7. It takes 6 months to order your Bridal gown!  Are you surprized???  This is normal time frame as Bridal Gowns are made to order.   If you need special measurements(if you are a Petite Bride) and a rush order..these charges are EXTRA.. and they vary..!.Don't ask the Salon to waive them because they can't!

8.  ALL SALES are Final with Bridal, Bridesmaids, and their accessories.  Be expected to pay for your gown(s) in full whether they are off the rack purchases or special orders!  There may be a contract for you to sign.

9.  Don't automatically assume the cost of Alterations are FREE or included in the cost of the dress. They are extra charges and usually done by an expert in Bridal Gown Alterations.  It's up to the Salon if they want to do these services for free., however, most do not!  Always get a good reference from the Salon of someone who does Bridal Alterations...it's worth every dollar spent and you do not want someone ruining your gown for "FREE."

Ask all questions at the time of your appointment as each salon is different with their policies.  They are there to help and provide you with the best service available!

Your Bridal gown search should be fun!  You will know what dress will be the one you will say "YES" to.  Once you have found it..stop looking.  Be relieved you have found the dress of your dreams and continue with the planning of your Wedding!

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