Saturday, December 10, 2011


MODEST Wedding dresses are Wedding Gowns that are "sanctioned"  by  certain Religions.  This is a delicate subject and there is no intent to offend or single out any Religious Group or Practices.  It's a matter of respect in the manner of how certain Religious customs are still Traditional in today's environment.

Being brought up a Roman Catholic, I can identify with these Traditions.  At the time of my marriage almost 40 years ago in the Catholic Church, anyone getting married inside the Altar or inside the Church was not permitted to expose their arms, cleavage, back as respect for entering a place that is considered "Holy" or  "Sanctioned" or "Blessed" by a Priest ,Rabbi, ,ect.    Within the last several years, the Catholic Church has become lenient with the requirement, therefore, the fashion trends of today are profound without restrictions, and have become individual choices.

However, there are  Religious Sectors today  that still maintain Modesty for the Bride at all times in her choice of her wedding dress and is not permitted to enter her Church unless her arms, cleavage, and back are covered, as an act of respect for her place of Worship.   Princess Kate Middleton's wedding dress would be considered "Modest" , yet it was also elegant, and yet everyone loved it!  Brides that do not want to wear a strapless dress on their wedding day can also choose to where these styles and give more choices available to every Bride.

Here are some examples of "Modest Wedding Dresses" offered today:

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