Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Finding the perfect wedding dress, it is important that it is recognized  what is the most flattering shape for your figure.
 One does not need to try on a multitude of wedding gowns to accomplish this.  
Here are some simple guidelines:
Hourglass figure :
If you have a big chest, big hips, thin waist with curves in the right places,  look for  wedding dress  with an "A" line with a dropped waist. This will show off your curves.  A sweetheart neckline is flattering to your bust-line.  A more "fashion-forward" look would be  a fitted dresses with some flare to the bottom(see photo).  Don't be afraid of trying a mermaid or trumpet style gown.
 I would stay away from Empire-waist styles, as they will make your figure appear "unbalanced."
Short Waistline:

Your body is naturally proportioned except for the distance from the ribs to your hips.

Settle for the Princess-line which is fitted at the bodice and opening gradually to a full skirt with the same pattern (see photo on the left) or fabric will make your figure appear longer.  If you want to show your nice shoulders, a portrait or a halter top neckline is another way to go!  Also try a slightly dropped waistline style gown will make your torso appear longer.  
I would stay away from the "sheath" style as this will make your short waist appear shorter that what it is.
Bear in mind that weight issues may play a part from the time you are ordering your dress from the time it arrives!    It takes up to 20 weeks for your dress to arrive from the date it is ordered, possibly a bit longer if you need special changes..so allow time!   

Always order your dress in the size you are now even if you plan to drop 20 pounds!  It is much easier to take the dress in than letting it out.  Choose the gown that fits your body type today.
This will be continued.................happy reading........and wedding dress hunting!

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