Wednesday, December 14, 2011


In planning your wedding, one of the most important decisions to make,  is who will give you away or walk you down the Aisle on your Wedding Day..

Traditionally, it has always been the honour and duty of the Father of the Bride to walk his daughter down the Aisle and give her to her husband.  Symbolically, this is giving his blessing and consent to the marriage, and is an emotional experience for the Father, as his "little girl" is now a "grown woman"  going into another transition in her life.  I cannot think of a better showing of love!

Unfortunately, in today's World, with divorced parents, and other issues, this may not be possible.
 If your Father is not present in your life or deceased, here are some tips on who can be proper choices:

1.  If raised a Catholic, or have a Godparent you still maintain a close relationship, Male or Female.

2. If your Father is deceased and has Brothers, ask the Oldest of the brothers to give you away..if  he cannot for some reason, and there are other Brothers, or Aunts, ask them.

3.  If your Father has been completely out of the picture while you were growing up and your Mother has re-married, your Step-father would be appropriate.  You can have both your Mother and Step-Father.

The list can go on.  I would search within my family first with your parents as first priority, always.  It's a joy to walk your grown child down the Aisle no matter how old you are and the parent!

I would be interested in sharing on who walked you down the Aisle on your Wedding Day. Feel free to leave your posts...!  Enjoy your day!

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