Thursday, April 19, 2012

Part I, The Truth to Bridal Alterations

The Truth of Bridal Alterations is this type of alterations is a skilled process that requires many hours of fitting your gown properly in many stages.  Each layer of your gown is considered to be one dress which requires fitting , measuring, tailoring, and whatever it takes for each detail to be perfect!

There are many out there who claim to be "skilled" and "knowledgeable" and Bridal Alterations..and honestly..they are NOT!

Larger Bridal Salons have a full service "Alterations Department" that have several women who specialize in beadwork(which takes hours of work by hand, no glue, ) adjusting the lace appliques, and redesigning certain features of your Bridal Gown.  These alterations are never FREE.

A smaller Bridal Boutique usually does not have an Alterations Department and they focus on working with a "team" of skilled local Professionals in Couture Bridal Alterations.  This is not unusual.  With their focus on bringing in the best in Bridal Couture to their store and working one to one with their Brides, this is ultimately important in placing your orders, and making sure your order arrives in time for your wedding.

With Brides waiting for the last minute to purchase their gowns, they are unaware most salons do not carry every style!  It takes 20 weeks (6-9 months) or more for your Bridal Gown to arrive!   For example, if you are planning your wedding for September 15,2012, it may be too late to order your dress, unless the company has it in their warehouse in your size, with Custom Changes impossible.

At Collezione Fortuna Fashion Boutique, we take every step to make sure your gown arrives in time for Alterations.  I good rule is to have it in your possession  3  months before your wear date of your wedding.

We never charge for a Bridal Appointment!  For more information, and to make an appointment please call (831)626-1287.  All Brides are treated like our "daughters" getting married..we care..and we want their dream dress to be perfect!

In Part 2, we will discuss more about your appointment and what to expect.....Part 1, The Truth About Bridal AlterationsPart 1, The Truth About Bridal Alterations

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