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Part 4 covered the topic of " The Truth of Alterations in the Bodice of Bridal Gowns".  As you can see the process is time consuming and not as easy as it appears..that's why Alterations Specialists come into play.

When  you have a Bridal gown that requires shortening in the length these procedures can be done depending on the dress and pattern:

1.  It can be taken up from the waist. This requires detaching the top of the gown from the skirt completely, removing the zipper completely  and  doing the same  buttons and any decorations on  the back of the dress. This is not recommended for lace gowns, or tulle, or anything that has a beaded waistband.  A skilled seamstress will have to look at the dress prior to doing the work.  An experienced Bridal Salon and their consultants are familiar or (should be) with all fabrics and styles of gowns and be ready to give their honest recommendations if these processes can be accomplished.

2.  Lace Bridal gowns or satin gowns or any gown with a trim on the hemline cannot be shortened or made longer to accomodate a tall bride.  Bridal gowns are made in a standard length and each length will vary  with each designer.   It's recommended to have the gown ordered in your proper length with a "hallow to hem" measurement.  These charges are all going to be extra...AND you have you allow plenty of time for this to be done!  Your bridal gown will arrive in the proper length and you may save on the alteration costs.

3.  I cannot  EMPHASIZE ENOUGH  to order your gown early!  As soon as your wedding date is need to think about ordering your dress!  It takes 6-9 months to special order your dress unless you are lucky enough to find "the one" that fits perfectly off the rack!

At Collezione Fortuna Fashion Boutique and Bridals, we have 40 years of experience in fashion design, and alterations.  We will not sell you a dress for the sake of making a sale!

www.collezionefortuna.comFor Bridal, Bridesmaids, please call to schedule your appointment (831)626-1287..and our appointments are FREE of charge!

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