Friday, April 20, 2012


AS WE CONTINUE OUR TOPIC IN PART 2: THE TRUTH ABOUT BRIDAL ALTERATIONS,  with many years (over 40 years) experience in Fashion Design, Alterations with the Couture design emphasis, I cannot enforce enough be educated and informed about the person you choose to do the alterations on your wedding dress!

Always ask for references.  A good seamstress in this field will either have a Portfolio of her work. Ask to see it!  Word of mouth is the best advertisement.  She will also have experience in fashion design just in case you want to personalize your gown.  She will know how to match beading, how to take in a zipper properly, and where seams can be taken in or let out.  Think: you have  invested at least $2000. on the average on your wedding dress, which is the most you will spend on any  one dress in your lifetime....are you going to hold back when it's time to pay for alterations which can run anywhere from $150.-$500. on the dress?? 

If you recall in a previous BLOG, I mentioned "BRIDAL ALTERATIONS ARE NEVER FREE AND THEY ARE INCORPORATED INTO THE COST OF THE DRESS."  This fact remains true!  No one works for free, and if they offer free careful!  You may not get quality work on your dress!

At Collezione Fortuna Fashion Boutique, there are never hidden costs in our dresses.  We have a wonderful team of Professionals we highly recommend for Bridal Alterations and the feedback we have been receiving from our Brides and other Customers has been excellent!

In Part 3, of this series, we will discuss more what to expect when you have Alterations on your Bridal gown, and much more!

We would also like to mention, there is no need for locals to travel to the Bay Area for Bridal, Bridesmaids, Mothers, and much more!  With rising gas prices, limited time to shop(no Online shopping for Bridal..please..another horror story to tell)we have a great selection and you are supporting local small business.  For your appointment, give us a call (831)626-1287..and all appointments are FREE!!  Have a wonderful weekend!Part 2: The Truth About Bridal AlterationsPart 2: The Truth ABOUT BRIDAL BLTERATIONS

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