Sunday, February 12, 2012


Alterations...the truth is  ARE THEY REALLY FREE?

There  are  privately owned Bridal Salons that do offer "FREE ALTERATIONS ALONG WITH A FREE VEIL" included with your Bridal Gown purchase.

Brides-beware of ANY Bridal Salon that offers anything FREE with your Purchase, especially what is the most important is ALTERATIONS.  With over 35 years in Couture Design, and in all types of Alterations including Bridal Gowns and MORE...alterations cost money if they are to be done appropriately, and there is no way under the sun they are "FREE".   What is often done to make a bride believe she is getting "FREE ALTERATION SERVICES"  IS the retail cost of the Bridal gown is overly inflated to the point the average cost of the alterations is included in the cost of the dress and averaged out in the store owner's inventory.  This means you are STILL being charged for your alterations, and this is often a trick shops use to get a Bride to buy!!!!!!  It's the same with offering a free veil or headpiece.  It's also incorporated into the cost.  You are paying for everything when you sign that charge slip or put your cash out on the table !

The average cost of Bridal Alterations cost anywhere from $250.00 and up depending what is needed and often a Couture Seamstress will not know the exact cost of what needs to be done until the dress is fitted, then taken apart and each lining counts as a dress, and shortening a hem is often estimated by the amount of yardage needed to be removed and the time it needs to be hemmed and the number of fittings.   SO, YOU tell me, how can  all this work be FREE???

Word of wisdom- any Bridal Salon that offers FREE ALTERATIONS ...ask a lot of questions!  Take that dress elsewhere to someplace that knows what they are doing and has had many years experience in either making Wedding Dresses and is an REAL EXPERT because it will be worth every dollar spent!  A good Salon will refer you to a Professional who has experience and works closely with the Salon..and it becomes a "Team effort."  We care how the outcome of your gown will fit you on your wedding day and save you the tears later of "unprofessionally "done alterations that are FREE.

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