Wednesday, February 29, 2012


AFTER  going thru my own personal home library, I found an everyday book of etiquette, and a Chapter on "Bridal Showers" caught my eye!  The book was published in 1996, and "Bridal Showers" of 1996 have in many ways been replaced  today by "Bachelorette Parties!"

Bridal Showers were either given by the Mother of the Bride in most cases, OR both the Mother's of the Bride and the Groom.  There would be all the Bridesmaids present, close Relatives, and very intimate friends invited to either a luncheon and a restaurant, or a disclosed destination.  Formal  written Invitations would be mailed out, and you would be expected to respond to whether or not you were planning to attend.

The Bridal Shower  can be a brunch, lunch, or dinner, or lighter appetizers.  A response is always expected, and you always brought a gift from the Bride's Bridal Registry, or a theme would be announced on the invitation such as appliances, kitchen, bath, lingerie, and so on, and guests attending would bring a gift related to the theme. If you could not attend, you still were expected to send a gift!

There would be a specially decorated cake, which is usually served with dessert with coffee or tea.

Written "Thank You" cards were mailed out to all the guests attending and to the ones who could not attend and have sent a gift.

Everyone invited to the shower would also be invited to the wedding.

Would you say things have changed from 1996 to 2012????

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