Saturday, February 11, 2012


If you have not started looking around for your Bridal Gown, now is the time to do so.  Here are some tips to help you with your search:

Always call ahead and see if an appointment is needed. 

Prior to your appointment, look at some of the most popular Bridal Magazine Publications to get an idea of what type of gown "catches" your eye.  Bring this picture with you to the appointment and show your Consultant.

 Bring a pair of heels you will likely be wearing, and a strapless  bra for trying on gowns. Usually gowns will have built-in bras, and body shapers that will flatter your figure.

Bring a friend or family member (or both) whose opinion you value and trust, however, this is not always necessary.  Brides are known to make their own decisions!

Try on 3-4 gowns that really "speak" to you!  Usually you will buy the first gown you will try on, and usually the one you least expect that is one of your choice.  Once you have said "YES" to your dress, don't look back and give yourself a sigh of relief...proceed to complete the planning of  your wedding venue.

If your gown needs to be ordered, it can take up to 20 weeks to arrive.  A deposit is required to order the dress if this is the case and not unusual.   If a "rush" order is needed and special measurements, there is always an extra charge for this.  Some companies require full payment as the deposit..this varies from designer to designer....We want you to be happy with your choice!

Alterations may or may not be included.  A consultant will fit you for the gown.  A Full Service Salon will  have referral for your Alterations or feel free to take your gown to someone you feel comfortable with..there are many choices!!! Choosing the right person do the alterations on your gown is a personal choice and you should not be "tied" to use anyone in particular.

Enjoy your time..this is the most beautiful and memorable time of your life!

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