Tuesday, September 18, 2012


My thoughts have been heavy, looking thru a Bride's eyes and heart.   As a Bridal Boutique owner I had to step back and give some thought to this..why are  these  young woman loving these dresses and not committing to buy them?

  I never could figure this out until now.  When I got married 40 years ago at the tender age of 19 years old, we didn't have the media exposure in 1972 like the Internet, allowing us to look at several options available today. Many are fabulous, however, most are not the wisest choices, but they are out there!  Women are delaying their weddings until they complete their education and become established in their careers into their late 20's and 30's...some do not find their mate until they are much older.

Their dreams are   never gone no matter how old they are or if it's their 2nd. or 3rd. marriage..they want to "shine!"  If the dress they are searching for doesn't do this to their heart the search continues.

For example, a very nice "Bride to be" came into my boutique 3 months ago and tried on some wedding dresses.  She brought 2 friends with her.  One was supportive of  her choices, the other talked her out of everything she tried on, which confused her even more.  The Bride loved this particular dress which looked absolutely gorgeous on her.  Her "supportive friend" thought so, I thought so, her "unsuportive friend" thought it was too casual and became adamant and negative to the point of upsetting the Bride.  To make a long story short...she left the store and waited outside until the appointment was over.  The Bride still loved the dress she tried on and we all loved it on her as well,  however, emotions were kicking in and she wasn't ready to buy, which had to be respected.

I spoke with her a few days later, and she agreed to return again with her "supportive girlfriend" but didn't want to try on anymore dresses anywhere else because she felt that "was the dress."

She called me a couple of weeks ago asking if I still had the dress she absolutely loved, and indicated she had gone out of town to look at other Bridal Salons, but she could not get this particular dress in my Salon out of her mind.  She returned  to the shop, tried it on again and bought the dress!  She had tried on 12 gowns altogether.

It's not a question of liking a dress, Brides have to LOVE IT.  With time being an issue in ordering dresses, and companies taking 6-9 months  in production time to make your wedding dress, unless you are fortunate to find the dress you "absolutely love" and buy it off the rack..Brides have to order their dresses early and start shopping early or their dress will never arrive in time!   When you do find your dress, you have to stop looking at other dresses and stop asking yourself the "what if I don't like it ."...it's DONE.

https://twitter.com/luckycollectionIn the meantime, the Holiday's are creeping among us, and many young women will be getting engaged during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years and we will have 2014 Brides looking for their wedding dress that will make their heart sing! It will be a dream they will never forget.....

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  1. You're absolutely right Cathy! We have so much daily exposure to other possibilities! When I bought my dress at your salon, I made a promise to myself I would look no further. It was perfect and I knew it. That's the best advice I can offer,..stop looking at bride's magazines, the internet, etc.! Can you believe my year anniversary is in just a few days, and I have to say, I'm thrilled with the dress I chose. Thanks so much for finding the perfect dress!