Monday, August 20, 2012


We would like to extend our congratulations to Stephanie Taylor and Claudio Ortiz who were married on August 5, 2012 at the Georis Winery in Carmel Valley, CA!

Stephanie scheduled an appointment with us at Collezione Fortuna Fashion Boutique.  We met with Stephanie and worked with her over a period to help her select the "perfect" dress for her, as she wanted something special that was more "fashion forward" than any other wedding dress she had ever seen.

Stephanie and her Mother Pat both said "YES"  at the same time to our gorgeous Allure Couture Bridal Gown that fit her perfectly off the rack requiring no alterations at all!  Stephanie was totally thrilled..and we all shared the excitement, and the box of kleenex for the tears of joy!  She had found her dress..and she looked just stunning, and it was exactly what she was looking for to wear on her wedding day!   Stephanie is a local resident , and she was thrilled to the fact that she did not have to travel to the San Francisco Bay area and search for her dress when we had everything she was looking for at Collezione Fortuna Fashion Boutique and Bridals here in Carmel!

We thank Stephanie for trusting US with the most important purchase of her lifetime, her wedding gown and accessories!  Gals, we can do the same for you! How about it?? Give us a call for your appointment (831)626-1287, or email us at today!

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