Monday, January 16, 2012


BRIDESMAIDS  have always been part of the wedding party attending the Bride on her wedding day.

How do you choose your Bridesmaids?  One rule to follow is look into your family and the family of your fiance. You may want your sister as your Maid of Honor..or if you do not have a sister, a very close childhood friend or relative should be the first choice.  Look at the size of your wedding and the theme.  Who will be paying for the Bridesmaid's dresses?  Will you be purchasing the dresses for your Bridesmaids and giving the dresses to them as "Your Gift" as a token of your "Thank You" of having them sharing your special day?   There are many things to consider:

Choose the girls who you have been the closest growing up...if you ask them to be in your wedding..mean it!

Establish a budget for the dresses..remember..if you your your family is not paying for the dresses, the Bridesmaids you choose will be paying for them.  Most will not turn down the honor of being in your wedding..make it clear what your expectations are going to be and be considerate and practical of their budget and if they live out of State, this is an added cost, plus Wedding Shower gifts, ect., that need to be factored into their expenses.   Have your color theme established and style of dress before you choose your Bridesmaids including your budget.   Make it clear you are picking out the dress..there is always going to be someone in your bridal group who is going to be resistant to your choices.   Another trend, is choose  different style of dress to flatter each girl's figure providing it's in the same fabric type.

IN any event, try to avoid being the "Bridezilla"..selecting Bridesmaids dresses should be a fun experience! For more information on our Bridemaid's dresses and to set up your appointment with us, give us a call at (831)626-1287.  We look foward working with your Bridal party!

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